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Meet the Editors

Legal Profession Section Editors

The Section Editors choose the Contributing Editors and exercise editorial control over their section.  In addition, each Section Editor will write at least one contribution (”jot”) per year.  Questions about contributing to a section ought usually to be addressed to the section editors.

Professor Scott Cummings
Robert Henigson Professor
Director, Program on Legal Ethics and the Profession
University of California Los Angeles School of Law

Professor Eli Wald
Charles W. Delaney Jr. Professor of Law
University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Contributing Editors

Contributing Editors agree to write at least one jot for Jotwell each year.

Professor Francesca Bartlett
Senior Lecturer
TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland (Australia)

Professor Elizabeth Chambliss
Director, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough Center On Professionalism
University of South Carolina School of Law

Professor Nora Freeman Engstrom
Associate Dean for Curriculum
Deanne F. Johnson Faculty Scholar
Stanford Law School

Professor Susan Saab Fortney
Director, Program for the Advancement of Legal Ethics
Texas A&M University School of Law

Professor Robert W. Gordon
Stanford Law School

Professor Sida Liu
Professor of Sociology and Law, University of Toronto
Faculty Fellow, American Bar Foundation

 Professor Richard Moorhead
Chair of Law and Professional Ethics
University College London Faculty of Laws

Professor Melissa Mortazavi
Associate Professor of Law
The University of Oklahoma College of Law

Professor Rebecca Roiphe
Co-Dean for Faculty Scholarship
New York Law School

Professor Veronica Root Martinez
Associate Professor of Law
Notre Dame Law School

Professor Amy Salyzyn
University of Ottawa Law School
Professor Carole Silver
Professor of Global Law and Practice
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Professor Laurel S. Terry
H. Laddie Montague Jr. Chair in Law
Penn State University Dickinson School of Law

Professor W. Bradley Wendel
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Cornell University Law School

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